VideoPoint Physics Fundamentals

VideoPoint Physics Fundamentals 1.0

Physics Fundamentals software teaches the fundamental laws of physics
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VideoPoint is a cross-platform video analysis software that allows you to gather position vs. time data for one or more objects on each frame of a QuickTime movie. This data can be plotted, viewed in a table, copied to other programs (such as Excel) for further analysis or modeled using basic equations or fit to a polynomial. VideoPoint's strength is in the collection of this data; combinations of the locations of points can be used to create other measurements such as Center of Mass locations and Distance measurements.
VideoPoint was developed by Mark Luetzelschwab, Priscilla Laws and Michael Gile in conjunction with the Workshop Physics Program at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Patrick Cooney has provided many insights on program design and data analysis. .VideoPoint: Physics Fundamentals software is designed to teach the fundamental laws of physics using video-based motion analysis. Based on award-winning VideoPoint® software, it is targeted primarily to high school students and teachers. Includes movies, sample analyses and suggestions on creating own experiments and movies.

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